8th Jan 2021

The below links will take you to the sites for the relevant awarding bodies.  There are revision and practice papers on all, if used regularly these tools will ensure you are in the best possible position to sit the exams when we return to normal operations.  Use this time wisely to give yourselves the best opportunity, and be safe!

Math’s and English Functional Skills links  - When click on this link it will open on the page linked to the qualification you will sit, you need to select the DOCUMENTS tab, not the Information tab.  Once you have selected ‘documents’ you need to select either Level 1 or Level 2, you then scroll down and click on any of the practice tests.  You will need to write the answers on paper.  Please put the number/title of the test at the top of your page.  - This site is self-explanatory and you just following links to either Math’s or English, you can then click and read the worksheets and then when you feel ready attempt the practice tests.


Post 16 Construction Qualification Practice Assessments – click this link, when the page opens select either the Level 2 Health and Safety or the Level 2 Principles of Building Construction (you will be doing both of these exams), it will then take you to a page where it asks you to enter and exam code, you DO NOT need to do this just select OK, next page click on the box that states ‘I accept the above details are correct’ then click on CONFIRM, you will then be able to complete the test, you will have to write the answers on paper.  Please put the title of the test at the top of your page.

Skills Workshop

The following link with direct you to a whole range of resources which will match your individual needs, the key resources can be accessed via the tabs; ENGLISH, MATHS or CONTEXTUAL.  The English and Maths will be self-explanatory, the Contextual tab provides resources for a range of voctational courses but specifically for our students the Hairdressing & Beauty therapy and Construction Carpentry Plumbing tabs will support your learning.  To access the correct course you initially select the 'Contextual' tab from the home page, then select the relevant course on the list on the left side of the screen - from here you will be able to view and access a number of worksheets.